Rotary Clubs & Queens Engineering Frosh Partner

Rotary Supporting our Community

Each September the 4 Rotary Clubs of Kingston, in partnership with Queens Engineering frosh, go door to door selling cans of nuts in the Greater Kingston Area.  We at Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd. are very pleased to support and sponsor this event.  This event is currently in it’s 51st and over that time has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Each can of nuts sells for $7, of which $2 covers the costs of the nuts themselves and $5 goes directly to Rotary.    The proceeds are distributed to each participating club, who in return, donates 100% of the monies they receive back to needy organizations in the Kingston area.  When you see a Queens students come to your door on September 10th, please purchase a can of nuts.  Remember your contribution goes to the many people in our area who are need of a helping hand.