IMG_1043Who We Are

We are a locally owned and operated independent benefits consulting firm specializing in employee benefit programs, group retirement solutions and tax-effective compensation strategies.

As the only local shareholder of The Benefits Alliance Group, Canada’s largest firm of independant group benefits advisors, we are able to share benefit trends and insights, and leverage our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace to provide our clients with the best solutions available.

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Employee Benefit Solutions

Employee Group Insurance and Benefit Plans combined with Employee Retirement Plans provide a tax effective solution to businesses while providing tax effective benefits for employees.

Group Employee insurances and benefit solutions provide Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependant Life, Critical Illness, Weekly Indemnity, Long Term Disability, Extended Health Care, Dental Care, Employee Assistance, Health Spending Accounts, Defined Contribution Retirement, Defined Benefit Retirement, Profit Sharing Plans and Registered Retirement Savings Plans to employees and their dependants.

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Group Retirement Solutions

Employee retirement plans provide investment solutions to employees including Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Structured Group Registered Retirement Plans, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans and Investment Contracts.

With an aging demographic the majority of our workforce will face retirement in the next 25 years.  This has brought the need for effective retirement planning to the forefront for most employees. The best employees will seek to work for a company that offers them superior retirement planning benefits.

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Individual Insurance Solutions

With the number of self-employed Canadians growing, there is now a greater need for self-employment insurance.  Self Employment Solutions are plans designed for people who do not have company sponsored benefits at work.

A self employment solution plan can be designed in a number of different ways.  Some people want plans that look and act similar to an employee benefits plan with the same bells and whistles on a policy that includes having coinsurances for drug expenses, major medical expenses and for emergency travel coverage.

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