Human Resource Solutions

The Benefits Alliance Group LogoAs a client of Strategic Benefits & Insurance Services Ltd, and through The Benefits Alliance Group, you now have access to an online HR service.

The service, ‘Human Resource Solutions Made Simple,’ offered through Humaniqa supports small to medium-sized organizations across Canada to manage their Human Resource functions.

It includes unlimited 24/7 access to a wealth of information, as well as unlimited live help from a team of certified HR professionals.

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The Benefits Alliance Group’s members will have access to:

  • A library of templates, including job descriptions, forms, policies and offers of employment.
  • A legislative library for both provincial and federal Canadian labour law.
  • An online filing cabinet to safely and securely file their HR documents.
  • Free webinars and online management training videos.
  • An HR audit tool and a customizable employee handbook tool.
  • A 30% discount on online health and safety tools.