Postal Disruption

With the potential Canada Post strike looming, insurance companies are notifying administrators and employees there may be delays in receiving premium invoices and or claim cheques.

Premium Statements

If you currently receive your premium statements by mail, you can avoid delays by registering for on-line administration and/or on-line premium statements.  If you are already set up with on-line banking the premiums will come out of your account automatically and you will still be able to access your billing on-line.  If you are not registered for on-line administration please contact us and we can assist you.


Claim Payments

If your employees have not registered for on-line claims submission then they could experience delays in receiving claims cheques.  Claims already submitted by paper may be delayed because of the strike; however if you are registered on-line you can electronically submit your claims, with payment going directly to your bank account.  If you have not registered on-line to submit claims, please contact us and we can assist you with this.