Travel Out of Country- 90 Day Stability Clause

Badge: Facts

As many of our friends and family are planning trips for the holidays please be sure to review the terms of your Out of Country Medical Emergency travel plan.  If you are not certain of your coverage you should contact either your insurance company, your plan administrator or your group benefits specialist for details.

Most Out of Country medical emergency policies contain a “90 day stability clause“.  This clause is intended to protect an insurance company from pre-existing medical conditions which are not “under medical control”.  A 90 day stability clause states if you are treated for a medical condition 90 days prior to leaving the country, and you fall ill while out of country for that same condition, then it is considered as being pre-existing and not under medical control.   The definition of “under medical control” is not just limited to receiving a new prescription for a new ailment, or having medical tests to diagnose an unknown condition.  It can simply be a change in your dosage/prescription for an existing medical condition, regardless of how long you have been taking your medication.

If you are planning a trip and you have recently been to see your doctor for an new or existing medical condition, or your current medication has recently been changed, please make sure you are aware of your policy provision before leaving on your vacation.

Safe travels!