Employee Retirement Plans

Retirement PlansEmployee retirement plans provide investment solutions to employees including Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Structured Group Registered Retirement Plans, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans and Investment Contracts.

With an aging demographic the majority of our workforce will face retirement in the next 25 years.  This has brought the need for effective retirement planning to the forefront for most employees. The best employees will seek to work for a company that offers them superior retirement planning benefits and services.

An employee retirement plan will provide employees with the stability of solid investments and comfort of financial security.


Registered DB and DC Pension Plans

A tax effective retirement savings tool for employees, through employer sponsored long term registered pension plan solutions.  Registered Pension Plans are regulated by federal or provincial legislation.

Group Registered Retirement Saving Plans

Payroll deducted retirement savings plan offer the employee the option to participate and dictate the level of contributions they make to the plan.  A Group Registered Retirement Saving Plan is a tax effective retirement savings tool for employees.