Individual Insurance Solutions

With the number of self-employed Canadians growing, there is now a higher need for self-employment insurance.  Self Employment Solutions are plans designed for people who do not have company sponsored benefits at work.

A self employment solution plan can be designed in a number of different ways.  Some people want plans that look and act similar to an employee benefits plan with the same bells and whistles on a policy that includes having coinsurances for drug expenses, major medical expenses and for emergency travel coverage.

Other solutions can include coverage for final expenses, income replacement, critical illness, medical emergency travel expenses, the death or disability of key individuals and retirement protection.

So often healthy people fall into a false sense of security and do not feel the need for the protection a benefits and retiement plan can provide, as they are not experiencing problems.  In most cases, finding a solution is not about covering what is wrong now, it is about risk mitigation and protecting the unforeseen.